Pac-10 Season Preview – Oregon

Now, some might say the Ducks didn’t deserve to win that game. I might fall into that camp. But whatever happens, happens, of course, if the officials dismiss a call, you have to deal with this. And in Oregon’s case, if they blow off a call from your favor, hey, are you really going to assert?

Oregon sustained some big declines from รับพนันบอล the draft last season. I had been a big fan of QB Kellen Clemens and DT Haloti Ngata, and losing both of them convinced made an effect for the Ducks. Of course, Clemens missed a lot of last season with a broken leg and that left the door open for QB Dennis Dixon. Last week, however, Coach Mike Bellotti wasn’t quite sure what to make of Dixon. He is person that is able to cause more matchup issues than a more traditional nickname like Clemens, and opposing guards got a small rest last season once the Play Book was not totally opened up for Dixon. It appears like it’s been opened up now, which assists the Ducks.

Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart is shooting the majority of the features to the Ducks this season, which looks like quite a significant upgrade over Terence Whitehead. While I liked white head being an RB, he had been somewhat limited; Stewart includes a ceiling. Stewart was banged up a little bit last year, even though, which might take into account a few of Bellotti’s reticence to play him.

From the USC program, and on occasion at the Oklahoma app, Stewart would have been rode hard and put away wet. Maybe not the case with Oregon, that made him sit just a small bit. Stewart is actually a stone for the Ducks, as he does not result from Texas, California or Florida; he’s from Washington, and while he had been the #two training sponsor in the country, he remained relatively close to home.

On defense, the Ducks have been required to replace a challenging defensive lineman in Haloti Ngata. And while using a defensive handle like that on front can require a great deal of the pressure off your defensive displays, the Ducks do not have anybody that good to restore him. They have brought in LB Blair Phillips, who has done an exceptional job in the first going, and also have depth within their defensive backfield that makes a huge difference.

Of course, when you have seven guys wearing white and black onto your own side, not a whole lot matters about personnel matchups. But do not rely on too a lot more breaks for Oregon from the zebras, whilst the Ducks wind up fourth at the Pac.

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