Those of us who remember the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers may recall that the EPA provided inaccurate information about the risks of the poor air quality. Many of the volunteers, not having the required equipment to test the air themselves, had no choice but to assume the information they were told was correct. Sadly many volunteers now suffer from permanent lung damage.

After the Tohoku disaster in Japan, the government failed to provide data on radiation in the atmosphere. Many of the citizens knew they needed their own data, but measuring tools became hard to find. So, open source projects filled the gap (one of them being even sponsored by two successful Kickstarter campaigns), provided reliable and low cost Geiger Counters.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization With Air.Air! our goal is to provide simple tools to make it easier for regular smart phone to monitor air quality in their surroundings. When it comes to quality of life, it is important to have control over the tools to conduct our own measurements.
Last year, a terrible haze engulfed Beijing. There was widespread concern about the air quality. Weather reports only gave one value for the entire city, failing to provide detailed and updated information about the environmental conditions of the city.

Our device was designed and prototyped right after this event. Within six months of research and development, Air.Air! was born. We have a working prototype and we are asking the public to contribute to us, so we can bring Air.Air! finally to the market, distributing a first batch of devices to the Kickstarter community.